Multitubes produces & decorates both mono-layered and 5-layered plastic tubes with an EVOH barrier.
We’re able to produce these tubes in any size & any existing decoration technique available on the market.
To maintain our well known flexibility & quality Multitubes also produces their own caps.
Besides plastic tubes & caps, Multitubes also produces custom made packaging throughout a diverse range of techniques.
Bottles, applicating systems & plug-in solutions are just a small range of custom made packaging Multitubes has produced so far.

Innovative solutions

In order to get the best result, we’re always looking for new innovative solutions. A team with experts on both pressing techniques and the material of the tubes is behind the development of the tubes.  Some of the innovations we’ve realised over the course of time: EVOH tubes, combi print tubes and ‘I’m green’ tubes.


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