Multitubes is well known as an innovative power in the market when it comes to tube decoration. Our constant innovations and continuous search for improvement guarantee the best quality.

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Multitubes masters and offers all decoration techniques, each with their own specialities, making sure we can convert your design to reality in the best way possible.


This technique applies a high ink volume onto the tube sleeve resulting in the highest ink coverage available, making it possible to print directly onto transparent and all kinds of coloured tube sleeves.

We can print our silkscreen tubes in up to five colours.

Because we produce our own screens and films, we can offer the flexibility clients need.


This revolutionary new technique has substantially improved the possibilities when it comes to tube decoration.

By using the benefits of both techniques & converting them into a hybdrid machine Multitubes has
combined the best of both worlds in one cost efficient technique.

This technique makes it possible to print photographic images on both coloured tubes and transparent ones.

Our printing stations are interchangeable, allowing us to print the most complicated designs.


Offset printing is regarded the most cost effective option when it comes to printing tubes.

Multitubes can print in PMS offset printing technique up to 6 colours + varnish.

Multitubes is equipped with both full tube & sleeve printing equipment , enabling us to also supply shoulder printed tubes.


If you want to give your product a luxurious finishing touch or if you want to highlight an important detail about your product, then hot stamping is the ideal technique.  Hot stamping is possible with gold, silver, and coloured foil.


Labeling tubes is a creative solution for both large and small volume.

The labelled tube is becoming more & more common in shops. Some of the benefits of labelling are the large degree of flexibility, the possibility of varying designs and the virtually endless decorative possibilities for the label. At Multitubes we can label tubes both inline and offline, optimizing both cost & flexibility.